Unstable Talismanic Rendering_Schrättel (with gratitude to master marbler Dirk Lange)
Pigment, watercolour, ink and solvents on paper
Dimensions: 274.3 x 182.9 cm Frame: 304.3 x 207.3 x 6 cm
Reference: ACF1015
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Brätsch experiments with different pictorial processes in an attempt to find what could still be unknown in painting. She works with a wide range of methods and materials and, on occasion, turns to artisanal techniques. In this work that belongs to the series of the same title, she employs marbled paper, a traditional decorative technique that imitates the veinings of marble and that the artist takes to the extreme to obtain unusual results. Brätsch's practice is collaborative and in these works she turns to the experience and to the hands of artisan Dirk Lange. The artist feels that each piece of paper is obtained almost magically, for it is the result of human decisions and of the natural forces of gravity and the cohesion between the water and the inks. In each of these works appears a talisman, a mocking spirit that seems to toy with the condition of instability and the surprise of the creative process.

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