The loans policy for works in the Collection reflects a desire to collaborate with museums and art institutions on exhibition projects. The lending of works contributes to achieving the objectives of "la Caixa" Foundation by ensuring that the art in the Collection reaches a wider public and by promoting awareness of contemporary culture and art.
Loan requests

Loan requests must be made by the institution responsible for organising an exhibition project and must meet the following requirements:


- A formal written request must be submitted to the address for the Collection, together with the thesis of the exhibition and an explanation of why the requested works are sought.

- This documentation must be submitted four months in advance of the proposed loan period in the case of Spanish institutions, and six months in advance in the case of institutions based abroad.


Exhibitions for which loans are provided may not consist entirely of works from the Collection unless the curatorship has been agreed with "la Caixa" Foundation.


The number of works requested for an exhibition may not exceed 25% of the total number of works to be presented. Borrowers are required to pay a fee for the loan of works.


Loan requests are assessed according to the following criteria:


- Availability of the work.

- Conditions for conservation and feasibility of transporting the work.

- Importance of the exhibition project and contribution of the loaned work to the content of the exhibitio.

- Security conditions at the borrower's exhibition venue.

- Ability of the borrower to install the work as required.

- Availability of "la Caixa" Foundation conservation staff to oversee the transfer and installation of the work.

* Loan requests should be directed to Nimfa Bisbe, Head of "la Caixa" Collections, at the following address: "la Caixa" Banking Foundation, Av. Diagonal, 621, T. 2, pl. 2. 08028 – Barcelona.


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