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    27.04.2022 // 24.07.2022

    Torreón de Lozoya de Segovia

    España oculta (Hidden Spain) has become a classic in contemporary photography. When Cristina García Rodero started work on this project, two contrasting images of rural life in Spanish villages coexisted uneasily: the grotesque, macabre spectacle of deepest, darkest Spain alongside the idealised rural idyll untouched by the modern world.

  • Rats! Rats! Rats!

    10.03.2022 // 19.06.2022

    CaixaForum Barcelona

    In 1903 scientist Guglielmo Marconi set up the first public demonstration that Morse code messages could be sent wirelessly over long distances. Yet before the presentation could begin, the apparatus in the London lecture theatre began to tap out the message “Rats! Rats! Rats!”, followed by a string of taunts and personal insults.