Past exhibitions

"la Caixa" Foundation organises exhibitions to show works from its Collection of Contemporary Art. We're working to make all our exhibitions available for you to view in the new future.


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  • Look at Me! Portraits and other Fictions from the ”la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection

    07.12.2017 // 11.03.2018


    Look at Me! is the opening exhibition at the new CaixaForum Seville. The show features forty of the best-known works by great artists in the ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art.

  • H(a)unting Images: Anatomy of a Shot

    06.10.2017 // 07.01.2018


    The invention proudly announced by French physiologist Étienne-Jules Marey in 1882 followed in the same line as other chronophotographic devices from the late 19th century. Designed to analyse the different phases of moving bodies, these devices expanded the possible ways of representing reality and extended the scope of sight beyond the range of the human eye.


  • Turbulence

    08.09.2017 // 03.12.2017

    Galeria do Torreão Nascente da Cordoaria Nacional, Lisboa

    By assembling work by a wide range of artists from different fields, the ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art has fashioned a narrative that captures the abundance of poetic voices in contemporary art and offers a fresh look at the world around us.

  • Tony Oursler
    L7-L5. Imponderable

    27.05.2017 // 03.09.2017


    This exhibition brings together two works, separated by thirty years, created by pioneer video artist Tony Oursler. Both works experiment with illusionistic visual effects and explore supernatural beliefs.

  • Conversation Piece

    19.05.2017 // 17.09.2017

    Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome

    The classical architecture of the Galleria Nazionale welcomes this conversation between a select group of works from the "la Caixa" Contemporary Art Collection