Clutter VII (Yellow)
Oil and acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 178 x 75 x 40 cm
Reference: ACF0925
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Clutter VII (Yellow) belongs to a series in which De la Cruz takes discarded fragments of her own paintings and places them in bag-like boxes or else secures them with pieces of aluminium or other metals. As well as prompting notions of repair and recycling, her anthropomorphic projections range from personal experiences to tragedies such as the Iraq war and the terrorist attacks on Madrid’s Atocha railway station in 2004. In addition to its own intrinsic value, colour also sets up a reference: white may refer to death, pink to a bullfighter’s cape, yellow to urine. The artist criticises the petulance of modernity, but her work throbs with the desire to revive the sensuousness and beauty of painting and has a fierce confidence in art’s potential to be a mirror of human life.

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