Original title: Palavras Cruzadas
484 dehydrated oranges and grapefruits, adhesive tape and cardboard boxes
Dimensions: Variable height: 930 x 630 cm
Reference: ACF0904
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Rivane Neuenschwander’s installations explore the conventions of the language we use to communicate and understand the world. Palavras Cruzadas consists of a Scrabble-like word-building game which spectators are invited to play by making words and, in turn, establishing a relationship with other participants. The installation comprises a kind of maze made out of cardboard sheets and three hundred dried oranges and grapefruits, each of which the artist has peeled and fashioned into the shape of a letter of the alphabet. The association of words in the game is open-ended, but participants must respect the artist’s layout of spaces and everyday language rules to build signs, phonemes and words.

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