Small Piano
Original title: Pianito
Video installation: DVD (colour, sound) and chairs
Dimensions: 3' 10" Variable dimensions
Reference: ACF0829
Edition: 2/3
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In this video Jordi Colomer has constructed a story about appearance and illusion that revolves around the image of Carlos Pazos, a Barcelona conceptual artist who worked on the idea of being a star and actually lives his life as one. Carlos Pazos appears playing fragments of The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas on a cardboard piano in a setting where the predominant elements are dust, smoke and music: smoke from the cigar Pazos puffs on throughout the scene; dust rising in thick clouds from the piano, which the artist keeps cleaning in a disturbingly meticulous way; and the music we believe we see him playing. It’s a story about the smoke and dust of illusion, and about the music of time as it inevitably passes—a tale about the theatre of life. Jordi Colomer’s video creations represent a very significant change of direction in the creative evolution of the sculptor, who uses architecture, theatre, sound, photography and video to construct pieces and tell stories. As the artist himself explains, video is a way ‘to prolong sculpture in time’.

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