Furrows with Silver Light
Original title: Solcs amb llum d'argent
Oil on canvas 
Dimensions: 194.5 x 194.5 cm
Reference: ACF0680
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Hernández Pijuan’s work from the mid-seventies is characterised by steady brushstrokes that shape rough textures on the surface of the canvas and harmonise the light in a gradually graded sequence of monochrome colours. In his paintings from the nineties, including Solcs amb llum d’argent, he uses similar steady brushstrokes to fashion a variety of rigid and flexible geometric shapes. In addition to oils he also paints with industrial and synthetic enamel, which fleshes out the surface and lets him draw by cutting into the paint itself, thus complementing its linear, purely chromatic presence. In many of his pieces from the nineties, the paint alone—without any naturalistic references—is enough to make the light shine on the canvas, thanks to the ribbing produced by the brush and the contrast created by the mesh.

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