Tied from Behind
Original title: Atado por detrás
Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 198 x 112 cm
Reference: ACF0672
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Here we have a kind of space folded diagonally which makes up an image which is both dynamic and tense. The knot in the lower right-hand part ties up that space, and suggest another fastening behind, the origin and explanation of the title, which means “Tied from behind”. The knot is merely an emblem of the balance between the purple space and the succession of grey strips. These are aerial or liquid spaces that are thus fixed in spite of their open, floating nature. The play of paradox and contrast is emphasised by the lower yellow stain which, being the most spontaneous and liquid, is also the one with the most accentuated material thickness. The picture looks improvised, but nothing in it is arbitrary. Exterior/interior, background/light, stain/composition are in perfect balance.

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