Asa - Nisi - Masa
1994 -
Vinyl paint, dispersion and pigment on canvas
Dimensions: 244 x 153 cm
Reference: ACF0610
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From the early nineties Uslé's paintings became even more liquid and his colours brighter. When asked about this picture, he replied that it sprang from two different memories. One of them was his first confrontation with painting when, as a child, he became obsessed with a dark, gloomy portrait of a nun, the first picture he saw in the convent where his family worked. He was fascinated to note that the subject's eyes seemed to follow him each time he approached the painting. Hence the three white forms that run across the picture from one side to the other. The second memory is of a metal grille with spikes between which there was only room for a small child's head, an image which, very subjectively, is at the origin of the pattern made up by horizontal and diagonal strips. With pictures of this kind, in which he obtains complex rhythms of light, Uslé creates static images of movement. The different layers of this ultimate visualisation of intimate subjective sensations become a metaphor for the tricks played by memory. In any case, he offers memorable, ambiguous, inscrutable images, difficult to interpret univocally. Each of three white ejaculatory drippings that dominate the surface of the painting corresponds to one of the three words of the title.

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