The Visit
Original title: La visita
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 225 x 204.5 cm
Reference: ACF0591
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This work picks up an instant of reality in an attempt to capture its fleetingness. In a process of abstraction, the essence of that disturbing moment has been condensed around the line of the horizon, which crosses dreamlike spaces of great bareness and simplicity. Silence has been constructed in a synthetic space in which an enigmatic emptiness is scattered around a territory dominated by colour and suggests vast lyrical spaces with resonant lights. Ràfols-Casamada said, “The picture is a space of silence, of suspended words, of halted time. It is the instant after the instant before the dialogue.” The colour, which is a medium for constructing and organising the picture, is chosen through observation, feeling and sensitivity. Ràfols saw the world as “a set of chromatic sensations”. The work conjures up a landscape where the structure emphasises lateral areas of intense, vibrant colour, elements of meaning that converse with lost lines and suspended angles. The lines are light, ordering structures that interweave, sketching presences or suggested objects that take on the consistency of a memory. Transparency, diaphanousness and purity in open spaces and intimate spaces. The space is born from desire, woven by the colour and constructed with clarity and proportion; the essence is harmoniously ordered in a play of tensions of great metaphysical density.

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