Original title: Sin título
1979 -
Mixed media on paper bound in leather (159 pages)
Dimensions: 26 x 19 x 4.5 cm
Reference: ACF0452
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In 1968 Zush started work on First Book Enemy Myself, a manuscript that became the first work in a large output that grew out of notes, images, signs and drawings of an enigmatic reality. These personal diaries take the form of books without a plot (each page is worked on independently). They accompany him on his journey and present the elements that make up his imaginary country. These logbooks—biographies of Zush’s iconographic universe—establish a certain formal parallelism with ancient missals and books of alchemy, reliquaries, mediaeval codices, and neurology textbooks. In the book that belongs to the ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art, which was put together between 1979 and 1984, the turbulent universe of Evrugo is plunged in a process of constant expansion and fragmentation. Zush invents and organises, starting with insignificant cells in continuous motion, which engender sensually brutal universes. Brain, eye and sex become magnetic poles where axes of force converge and form centres of energy from which the ceaseless flow of a fierce paradise is emitted. The writing, which seems to be inspired by the Arabic alphabet, the Greek alphabet and musical annotation, fills the pages of this book, which is illuminated with calligraphic and what appear to be symbolic elements. From a hermetic, incomprehensible language whose code the artist always keeps hidden from us, the gesture draws the words, and the letters illustrate the reading of the images. Conceived from the duality of lust and taboo, and of the rational and the irrational, the visual language of this work is rooted in the world of childhood and innocence, pleasure, anxiety and cruelty. Dreamlike and delirious, distorted, grotesque and governed by paradox and ambiguity, Evrugo is subjected to a quite illogical, often contradictory, and increasingly complex discourse.

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