Everything 1
Original title: Tot 1
Mixed media on canvas
Dimensions: 300 x 250 cm
Reference: ACF0374
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The works from the ‘Tot’ series were produced in Jordi Brió’s studio. He is the owner of the Barcelona art supplies shop called ‘Tot’, hence the name. This series and the one entitled ‘Ruc’ consist of large-format works, some of which were presented at Documenta 8 and were responsible for launching García Sevilla on the international scene. They are paintings that consist of a whirlpool of images, an exercise in shattering the hierarchy that traditionally allocates degrees of importance to images and objects. García Sevilla painted two parallel series: a meditative series of Hindu yantras—normally squares within squares—and the series we are concerned with here, in which he painted objects scattered around with no apparent order. He explains that he painted them automatically, with no narrative or compositional hierarchy. Here we see some characteristic images from the series, such as the invented machine, the crosses, the boats, the demon or the tantric symbols such as the bindu, the black dot on the black outline of a man hanging beneath what appear to be waves of energy.

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