He didn't have a Heart
Original title: No tenía corazón
Sewn leather with plastic tube, neon, hooks, chains and cement bases
Dimensions: 205 x 175 cm
Reference: ACF0315
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In this piece, whose title has echoes of bolero, Pazos presents an inverted heart formed by crudely sewn pieces of skins. The strange heart, made up of two parts, one black and one white, is held together with butcher’s hooks and attached at the vertex to a tube of black light and at the bottom to two golden chains which are secured to the floor by two artificial stone balustrade mouldings. The presentation of the work requires the elimination of lighting around it so that it can materialise ambiguously with only the black light from the tube, giving rise to an incomplete image. The heart is in fact a sinister piece of offal from the torture of love, the victim of a sordid romantic adventure, which is hanging, abandoned to its fate, in a gloomy cellar. The piece is part of the exhibition Let me be your teddy bear y otros sueños (1982), with which, after a period of silence, he opened the second stage of his career and brought in his “staged objects”. In this case, with a work that is halfway between sculpture and installation, with which he aims to take the spectator into a situation close to nightmare through a recreation of an atmosphere drawn from horror films.

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