No birds
Original title: Senza Uccelli
1986 -
Iron and lead
Dimensions: 220 x 251 x 161 cm
Reference: ACF0304
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This work conveys a great fascination with emptiness and materialness. The coupling of different surfaces of mesh forming large scale grids raised vertically, and a series of lead elements arranged irregularly around the base, suggests a cage held up by fragile props. What should be an enclosed space, completely bounded by grilles, becomes a large metal structure open on the upper part, which creates a space with great tension and energy. That space, which is both open and closed and expresses itself through the void, gives rise to a profound dialogue between what is transparent and light and what is solid and opaque, between inside and outside. The dichotomy between emptiness and material is emphasised by the title, which ironically makes explicit a game of suggestions and references. The edges of the geometrical structure are the boundaries of a life space created through the expressiveness of emptiness; to see the deployment of this silent, disillusioned universe, the spectator is forced to make a visual penetration of a space of presences and absences.

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