Picture 61
Original title: Cuadro 61
Mixed media on burlap
Dimensions: 130 x 163 cm
Reference: ACF0269
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By using burlap, a material that evokes the fabric used by the Guanche to wrap their mummies, Millares not only pays a small tribute to his birthplace, the Canary Islands, but also crafts a recurring signature trait that distinguishes his work. In Cuadro 61, Millares returns to the dramatic and torn representation of the ‘Homúnculos’ (homunculus). In this case, he used a very basic colour palette essentially comprised of black and brown and once again violently cut the canvas, offering glimpses of the whiteness of the wall on which it hangs. The disjointed creases of the material stand in contrast to other—empty—areas as though something in the very heart of the painting were in motion, shifting restlessly.

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