Distant Music or Double Voice
Original title: Músiques llunyanes o doble veu
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 195 x 240 cm
Reference: ACF0145
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García Sevilla's earliest paintings, such as this one, use a very restricted palette. They are often black and white, as in his famous series "Déus" or, on other occasions, they consist of signs on a monochrome background. Here we see a snake beneath a kind of small temple or funerary monument. The idea of a tomb is heightened by the almost gloomy colouring of the work. The surface of the painting is also scratched with a wire scourer to blur the edges and perhaps to suggest antiquity. At that time he was very interested in ancient Mediterranean cultures -from Etruria to Egypt- and their rituals. For example, he often painted vessels, skulls or friezes. The snake is also the kundalini of the Hindu tantra, the image of energy, and is usually represented coiled around a lingam or phallus. In this work it seems to be buried under an imaginary line formed by the bases of the monument. Its eye is the only source of light, a sexual image of the power of energy. The paintings he produced at this time are also somewhat reminiscent of hieroglyphics or cave paintings.

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