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Original title: Mapa de carn
Pigments and latex on canvas
Dimensions: 195 x 345 cm
Reference: ACF0123
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This work belongs to the first stage of Barceló's painting, which clearly establishes relations with two leading international art movements of the early eighties: the new German Expressionism and the Italian Transavantgarde. The most immediate forerunners of Mapa de carn, 1982, are works such as Zoomorfia (1981) or Nu pujant escales (Nude climbing a staircase, 1982) -chosen to be presented at “Documenta” VII in Kassel (1982)-, but conceptually they can be linked with the theme of "Cadaverina 15" (1976), Barceló's first individual exhibition, presented at the museum in Palma de Mallorca. At that show the artist presented boxes containing pictorial materials and decomposing organic matter with the aim of studying their transformation. In Mapa de carn, human figures, also in transformation, take on zoomorphic forms and become animal organisms opened up to show us their internal anatomy. As he is interested in time and movement, metamorphosis is a constant concern in his work. And so we rediscover the theme of organic modifications in the major series of still lifes that began in Paris in the early eighties.

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