Region No. 114701-114800
Original title: Region no. 114701-114800
LEDs, IC, electric cable, aluminium and wood base
Dimensions: 191 x 417.5 cm
Reference: ACF0104
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In 1990 Miyajima embarked on one of his most ambitious projects: the series "133651", from which Region Nº 114701-114800 is derived. It is an experiment to represent the whole universe, understood as time. To do that he has investigated the laws of chance and connection, in other words, the relation between the part and the whole. According to that rule he tries to construct a time-space section of the universe. This section or region is based on arithmetical calculations of possible configurations (or interrelated combinations) of numbers. That whole theoretical framework materialises in a piece made of ten units of ten counters each, arranged in the shape of a rectangle on the floor. The red counters count from 1 to 99 at different speeds in response to a signal sent and received in the unit itself. Zero does not exist in Miyajima's numerical universes; in its place is the void, non-representation. The green digits are the result of the mathematical basis of the work and break the uniformity of the vision. That is how he attempts to represent a section of the universe with numbers. The spectator enters a dark room where a series of illuminated figures appear as a changing whole, impossible to assimilate in its particularity, since it is not possible to walk around the piece. So the observer is obliged to have a global vision so that his attention is pushed towards notions such as rhythm, repetition, periodicity, duration and movement, questions that inevitably lead him to reflect on the nature and character of time. Miyajima is searching for a global gaze, pure or abstract apprehension of the phenomenon of time far from any artificial construction involved in calculating it. In that way the visitor comes up against the flow of time in a physical rather than a rational way, rediscovering his own existence immersed in the universe.

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