Remarks on Color
Video projection: LaserDisc transferred to DVD (colour, sound)
Dimensions: 45' Projection: 274 x 365 cm
Reference: ACF0100
Edition: 3/5
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A series of recurrent themes run throughout Gary Hill's work . His starting point is time. Through a presentation of specific intervals of time, he places special emphasis on the reception of information. That idea enables him to deal with language, especially as a momentary, ephemeral phenomenon: any attempt we might make at understanding it will be limited by its fleetingness. Moreover, experience is part of the process. As a follower of Heidegger's ideas, he basically considers the phenomenological aspect: experience is only possible after understanding the succession of events involved in perception. It is not surprising that video is an ideal medium for conveying those ideas or that many of his works deal with the possibilities and limits of the support. When he began to work with it, he discovered that it was an extraordinary medium for observing technology as an intermediary for reproducing specific events. A parallel is thus established between the relation of video to reality and that of people to learning.

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