Fate 38
Original title: Sino 38
Acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 250.3 x 250.3 cm
Reference: ACF0027
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The series began with an image of a skeleton and an arrow in Sino 1, probably a symbol of our walk towards death. This picture helps us to interpret all the later paintings in the series. In this case we find a kind of particular mandala which is also an astral or cosmic space. A black hole, inspired by Buddhism. devouring itself through the centre, where we see a spiral or universal wheel swallowing it whole. This is a very particular visualisation of the adage We are nothing. We see a gestural, red, yellow and orange fire on mountains whose iconography is probably Tibetan. In this whirlpool spinning around on itself there appear characteristic signs of the period, flies in the upper left-hand part, handprints on the right, a mauve shape -probably an emblem of possible forms- and yellow bindus -some with moustaches-, hermetic representations of energy in transformation in that material, opaque chaos.

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