Victoria Civera
Spain, 1955
Victoria Civera holds a degree in Fine Arts from the San Carlos School of Fine Arts in Valencia. She initially worked with the painter Juan Uslé (to whom she is now married), producing politically engaged works in photography, painting and photomontage. Her first solo exhibition was held at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Santander in 1980. At the time she was interested in approaches close to abstraction derived from Minimalism and French Support/Surface theory. Since 1987 she has lived and worked in New York and also spends time in Saro, Cantabria. Despite growing recognition of her work on the international art scene, Victoria Civera has remained firmly focused on achieving depth as she pursues her distinctive personal style. Over the last fifteen years, her work has been shown in countless exhibitions in Spain, the United States, Belgium, France and Brazil. Her most recent retrospective, Sueños inclinados, was held at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern (IVAM) in 2011. Her work was also showcased in the last exhibition presented at her Madrid gallery, Soledad Lorenzo, before it closed its doors in 2012. Civera works in a wide range of registers, and the ”la Caixa” Collection of Contemporary Art includes a number of representative pieces: Untitled (1989), 1920¬–1992 (1990), and A-be-ce-da-rio (1991), pieces from her New York period that have clearly been influential, though this is not always recognised; Atando el cielo (1997) and Bamby (1997–1998), which explore subjects that reappear in her subsequent paintings; and Ella (2003), a magnificent example of her series of figurative paintings focusing on women. Finally, the Collection also includes two works that combine elements of sculpture and installation: Setting (1994) and Va y ven: miradores de estrellas (1996–1997).
Mariano Navarro