Patricio Cabrera
Spain, 1958
Patricio Cabrera is a member of the group of Sevillan artists who burst onto the Spanish art scene in the mid eighties, bringing a tremendous freshness and impetus for renewal. Other members of the group were Rafael Agredano, Salomé del Campo, Pepe Espaliú, Curro González, Federico Guzmán, Juan Francisco Isidro, José María Larrondo, Moisés Moreno, Guillermo Paneque, Ricardo Cadenas and Antonio Sosa, and they took an active part in a series of exhibitions at La Máquina Española Gallery. They were also connected with the publication of the magazine Figura whose brief life span would later open up the way for the individual careers of the artists who had belonged to the group. Cabrera's first individual exhibitions, in Seville and Madrid, showed the work he had done on landscape in the course of a long stay in the north of the province of Almería. They reveal a whole new way of looking at the genre. Although landscape was one of the axes of his work, in his painting he approaches the ornamental and the decorative with a conscious absence of any defined style, which endows his painting with an extraordinary capacity to generate images. In recent years the blend of abstract and figurative has given his work an unusual versatility.
Santiago B. Olmo