José María Bermejo
Spain, 1952
José María Bermejo is a painter of extraordinary quality who has followed a clear and coherent trajectory. He should be seen as immersed in the contemporary pathways opened up by Seville artists in Spanish painting of the 1970s, though there is also an extraterritorial dimension to his work. From the same town as two slightly older artists, Gerardo Delgado and José Ramón Sierra, and a contemporary of Ignacio Tovar, Bermejo followed his own path, characterised initially by an affinity for pictorial signs and an Expressionistic approach, but based on a gestural style that could be described as cold, extending to an interest in the linguistic elements of painting. The two pieces included in the ”la Caixa” Collection, both Sin título, are from two different points in his career. The first, dated 1982, is from the start of his ascendency on the Spanish scene. At this point, his admiration for the more exotic and colourist aspects of Frank Stella’s work is most apparent and his paintings reflect a balance between spontaneity and control. The second work, executed seven years later, was created at a time when Bermejo was moving towards a more Minimalist approach.
Mariano Navarro