Ante Timmermans
Belgium, 1976
Timmermans is a major figure on the contemporary art scene whose primary medium is drawing. His work is characterised by a clear line, and he uses colour only to emphasise small details he considers important. The black-and-white drawings he creates are big, motley compositions, generally in large format. The artist recreates urban and domestic spaces and environments, which he depicts with a certain air of fantasy, shunning mundane realism. Cities become utopian places, at once ghostly and welcoming. With poetry, irony, and a certain sense of disillusion, but ultimately from an optimistic angle, Timmermans seeks to highlight, through the apparent simplicity of his drawings, the search for a non-place where one can live quietly and escape the problems of contemporary society. In the case of 19/2010 (disneyfication), he presents us with a setting that resembles an amusement park. While drawing is his principal medium, Timmermans also creates sculptural, site-specific installations made out of everyday and household objects. The resulting works combine poetry and simplicity to convey the feelings experienced by human beings, bearing witness to the 21st century society in which we live.
Virginia Torrente