Marc Vives
Spain, 1978
The collaboration between David Bestué (Barcelona, 1980) and Marc Vives (Barcelona, 1978) began in 2002 with the ‘Acciones’ project and ended in 2012, when each artist decided to focus on his own solo career. Their imagery reflects the legacy of Conceptual Art, includes references to art history, and expresses a sense of humour based on parody and self-criticism. These three key characteristics give rise to a unique narrative which, through video, installations, performance and theatrical pieces, offers a fantastic, altered, distinctive interpretation of our everyday environment via a succession of extraordinary events. After Acciones en Mataró (2003), Acciones en casa (2005), and Acciones en el cuerpo (2006), Acciones en el Universo (2008)—the last instalment of their ‘actions’—included a huge, labyrinthine installation consisting of eleven rooms that viewers moved through as if exploring a fairground attraction. The work delivered a sensory experience, inviting visitors to take a guided tour through the history of the universe, from the micro to the macro scale.
David Armengol