Jonathan Monk
United Kingdom, 1969
Jonathan Monk uses installation, photography, film, sculpture and performance to explore the legacy of the Conceptual art practices of the sixties and seventies. His work is based on the appropriation, adaptation and revision of these practices by injecting autobiographical elements and a personal, humorous vision that offers a subtle reflection on the idea of art, its value, the art market, and the myth of artistic genius. An example of this can be found in the piece What is Seen is Described, What is Described is Seen, Version III (2007), part of a larger project in which Monk puts the tension between visual and written language at stake. The procedure is simple: an image is given to another artist who turns it into a description, which in turn yields yet another, different image. In doing so, the two languages enter into a process of continuous activation.
Andrea Aguado Alemany