Fabian Marcaccio
Argentina, 1963
A resident of New York since the second half of the 1980s, Marcaccio has been viewed as one of the main representatives of the neo-Baroque stylistic tendency that emerged in Europe at the end of that decade, which the Argentinean artist embraced at the outset of the 1990s. His work emerges from what might be described as an expanded or broadened approach to painting that combines spectacular dimensions and voracious spatial ambition with an ability to absorb images of all kinds. These elements come together to produce a result as degraded and forceful as reality itself. These aspects of his style are exemplified in the large-scale piece Global Desire Union (2007). Grounded in material abstraction and the importance of materials as synthesising elements, and resplendent with industrial and urban colours the artist refers to as ‘paintants’—his works are an anti-hierarchical melange of manual and digital painting, photographic material, and sculptural techniques that coalesce in genuine ambulatory murals, as raw and violent as the age in which they are created.
Mariano Navarro