MP & MP Rosado
Spain, 1971
The work of this artistic duo is primarily concerned with questioning the notion of identity, an issue that is addressed in installations and sculptures, with significant extension into photography, painting, and drawing, a part of their output that is less known. Other subjects they tackle are ruins, archives, and memory, all of which point to man’s fragility. Representations of unsettling and abandoned places have become a particular focus of attention for them since 2000. In the series «Scratches», which preceded another entitled ‘Insomnio’, they reconstruct a disquieting place, which the viewer passes through alone. The space is characterised by a latent sense of enigma and possibly drama. According to the Rosado brothers, ‘the irruption of the incomplete into the everyday takes us into a strange and unreal universe.’ In their pieces they play at representing spaces that are real but disrupted in some way, fragmented scenes that become queer and uncomfortable for the viewer. Baroque references that reflect their Andalusian roots are not uncommon in their output, which reflects a frustrated romanticism that prompts them to draw on literature and film for inspiration. The resulting references relate to feelings of fear and sadness, whether within oneself or in response to the unknown.
Virginia Torrente