Rafael Agredano
Spain, 1955
Rafael Agredano is an artist who moves between multiple registers, among which written criticism stands out for its exceptional character. Together with other Andalusian artists, he formed a group that can be viewed as an alternative and successor to an earlier collective, the first to articulate a Seville-based contemporaneity. Members of this earlier group included Francisco Molina, José Soto, Gerardo Delgado, José Ramón Sierra and Juan Suárez. Agredano, Guillermo Paneque, Curro González and the sadly deceased Pepe Espaliú were the key figures behind the magazine Figura and the group of the same name, which sought to shift the focus of Andalusian art towards postmodernity. Interested primarily in painting, Agredano has always taken a slightly ironic view of the influence and purity of art. The two works by the artist included in the ”la Caixa” Collection belong to a significant series entitled ‘Los símbolos vacíos’, a paraphrasing of the ideas of Bauhaus, which, as the artist himself put it, made him feel ‘nausea and pleasure at the same time’.
Mariano Navarro