Luis Feito
Spain, 1929
Spain, 2021
Luis Feito (Madrid, 1929)—a co-founder of the El Paso group, formed in 1957—is perhaps one of the members most radically committed to abstraction in painting. His work—initially influenced by material-oriented and automatist tendencies, and later linked to the Informalist movements—represents a point of inflection and a particular reinterpretation of American Abstract Expressionism. Feito’s paintings insistently explore the surface of the canvas, crossing it and marking it with gestures and splotches of immense visual power. His colour palette, in which red (a colour that requires the exercise of considerable restraint) figures prominently, encompasses many nuances. The use of diverse materials is also a significant feature of his work. Feito generally applies dense brushstrokes of oil paint on top of the materials he incorporates, as if they were forms in relief or abstract figures arrested on the canvas. Movement—elegant and sinuous—is another key aspect his work, which presents a variety of technical registers. In addition to demonstrating his extraordinary mastery of plastic methods, these diverse registers reflect his determination to rigorously investigate the secrets of painting.
Valentín Roma