Modest Cuixart
Spain, 1925
Spain, 2007
Co-founder of Dau al Set along with Joan Brossa, Antoni Tàpies, Joan Ponç, Arnau Puig and Joan-Josep Tharrats and, later on, of the short-lived group Taüll, Modest Cuixart (Barcelona, 1925 - Palamós, 2007) began working as an artist during the late forties. His early paintings reflect a magic-tinged style, combining figurative elements with fantastical iconographies and sombre atmospheres in ways that recall Klee and Chagall. During the mid-fifties, he began to explore the idioms of Art Informel popular at the time, but contrary to other contemporary painters, Cuixart preserved vestiges of figuration that seem to be caught up in a struggle between realism and abstraction. At this time, he was experimenting with delicate, contained and highly poetic gestural painting that emphasised the expressive quality of the materials. He returned to figurative painting in the seventies and continued working in this style well into the eighties, creating numerous works that are narrative and literary in character. In the nineties, he began to alternate between a sort of magical eroticism and strongly introspective paintings in which dark dreamlike visions of nature take centre stage.
Valentín Roma