Darío Urzay
Spain, 1958
Urzay is one of the most prominent contemporary painters to have adopted the abstract gestural style, which enjoyed great popularity in Spain in the 1980s and 1990s. His work is notable for its distinctive, personal poetics. Order and disorder coexist in the artist’s work, and colour also plays an extremely important role. These elements give rise to complex hybridisations that work as counterpoints, complementing each other perfectly. Urzay’s painting is primarily concerned with non-referential situations, which are manifested on the canvas as abstractions related to knowledge, a process of investigation about which the artist offers few clues. Over time, he has shifted from a more gestural, controlled style to random intervention mediated by computer technology. When Urzay talks about his work, he alludes to references to geography, biology and other scientific disciplines, in direct contact with the human. He also speaks of his interest in the experience of the individual in relation to art, and his pursuit of beauty. With a restless spirit, the artist leaves a door open between control and chance on his canvases, where everything flows harmoniously within the contrasts he seeks to create. This emblematic duality can be seen in Sin título 89 A-4, in which a swirl of random elements in the background, suggestive of an organic process, is interrupted on the surface by a cosmogony of perfectly ordered points arranged in a circle.
Virginia Torrente