Juan Suárez
Spain, 1946
Although he was not born in Seville, Juan Suárez is a member of the group of painters from the city who, in the seventies, linked their artistic practice, based fundamentally on painting, to international tendencies. Rather than a set of intellectual ideas, José Ramón Sierra, Gerardo Delgado and Juan Suárez shared a life experience: they were all students at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura in Seville and were all interested in art. Juan Suárez also studied at the Fine Arts Faculty. He held his first individual exhibition -as the other members of the group would do- at Galería Juana de Aizpuru in 1970. An intermittent painter, not in his executions, which he always keeps more or less secret, but his public appearances, since then he has held a bare score of individual exhibitions. In 1976 he received a grant from Fundación March, and in 1980 another from CINFE at the Ministry of Culture. He was awarded the Drawing Prizes at the Nuremberg Biennial (1979) and ARTEDER 82, the Premio de Pintura from the Diputación Provincial de Sevilla, also in 1982, and the Premio de los Festivales de Navarra in 1985.
Mariano Navarro