Adolfo Schlosser
Austria, 1939
Austria, 2004
Adolfo Schlosser has been living Spain since 1966; he settled there after leaving his country of birth to avoid the draft, and it is there that he has made his career as an artist. His father was a ceramist and his childhood was spent in a house-studio in the middle of a forest which he had to walk through to school. The materials for his first paintings were the oxides used to make glazes. In 1953 he began to study sculpture in Graz and four years later he took up painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Although he had travelled to Italy in 1956, his greatest nomadic adventure was the four years he spent in Iceland working on a cod-fishing boat. There he met Spanish workers, read Federico García Lorca and Jorge Guillén and had the idea of emigrating to Spain. In 1966 he arrived in Madrid with the artist Eva Lootz. Seven years later he held his first individual exhibition at Galería Ovidio: drawings in space with plastic and metal materials. The year after he joined the team at Galería Buades, which brought together many of the artists who were infusing new life into the horizon of Spanish art in the years of the transition. He had his first exhibition there in 1977. His personality and work have always been exceptional and singular, independent of any influence and alone in international art. He now lives in a village on the Madrid sierra, Bustarviejo, so as to be near the woods. In 1991 he was awarded the Premio Nacional de Artes Plásticas.
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