Spain, 1957
Perejaume studied Art History at the Universitat de Barcelona and had his first exhibition in 1978. From very early his work was ambiguously located on the borders of the visual arts and writing, a feature that has been a constant throughout his career, as proved by the large number of essays he has published. In studies such as Ludwig Jujol (1989) or Oïsme (1998) he has posed contemporary questions about the disparities between the perception of geographical and cultural space. However, in order to discuss such topical subjects, he uses marginal, archaic kinds of rhetoric such as assessing the effects of the 20th century art avantgardes through 19th century Catalan landscape painting. Those texts have thrown up various sui generis methods which are reflected in his own art practice, as if the works were no more than a patient testing of the method he himself has imposed. "Collage," "cribism", "unpainting" and "hearingism" are the most notable ones. The variety of media used in his work -painting, sculpture, installation, video, theatre, writing and even excursions- are combined with his interest in investigating painting and landscape from rather unorthodox points of view. Those two factors provide constant thematic references in all his activities. Thus his work examines the effects of representation by disseminating painting in an infinite number of media. His first retrospective was held in 1999 at the Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona. The title, "Deixar de fer una exposició" (Not having an exhibition), alluded to his interest in adjusting art production and images in general to an ecological system.
Carlos Guerra