Miquel Mont
Spain, 1963
Miquel Mont’s work explores the perception of the place where a work is exhibited through painting, the physical boundaries of the piece, and its progressive expansion within the space. His output opens up possibilities that go beyond the traditional constraints of painting: object, medium and content are omnipresent terms in the artist’s work, which questions the validity of continuing to produce paintings in the 21st century. His process is based on theories about the perception of painting which hold that the dialogue between the work and its setting is of the utmost importance in creative activity. His pieces inhabit the wall, breaking with the traditional formula for a painting. Mont’s interest in exploring the third dimension of painting has led him to experiment with different ways of rupturing the traditional medium. One way he does this is to fracture his annotations in the overflow of paint, on the margins of the frame, freeing the material to an ever greater degree in a rigorously intellectual process that has also led him to curate exhibitions in order to develop his theories through engagement with the work of other artists. This break with convention makes a timid appearance in this polyptych completed in 1997, which consists of four monochrome paintings based on multiple layers. The painting becomes a composition deconstructed into four autonomous units, but these component parts engage in a dialogue and depend on each other to form a single whole. Along with space, colour is very important in the artist’s work. Never used simply in a decorative way, its role is to articulate the overall meaning of the piece. Over time Mont has expanded the scope of his work, first by creating wall paintings, and later by moving into the third dimension, freeing his work from the wall to occupy the space like a piece of sculpture, and using wood and methacrylate as media that complement the importance of colour in his pieces. Miquel Mont has lived and worked in Paris since 1989.
Virginia Torrente