Juan Francisco Isidro
Spain, 1961
Spain, 1993
In the transitional period between the eighties and nineties, the figure of Juan Francisco Isidro aroused enormous expectation and interest, in spite of the brevity of his artistic career, through his individual exhibitions - at the Rafael Ortiz Gallery in Seville, to which he always had strong ties, and the Ángel Romero Gallery in Madrid- and various group exhibitions, especially the one in 1988 at the Soledad Lorenzo Gallery in Madrid, which also showed the work of Pedro Mora and José María Baez. The interest in his work was largely aroused by the radicalism and seriousness of his ideas. The start of his career coincided with a burst of artistic activity in Seville, under the aegis of the magazine Figura. However, his aesthetic ideas and temperament gave a glimpse of interests more open to an evolution that would lead from painting to other territories. After his death there was a major exhibition of his work at the Torre de los Guzmanes in La Algaba (Seville), which brought together the most significant moments of his brilliant, though brief, career.
Santiago B. Olmo